Estimate :

After you have filled out the contact form, please send me your score by email (pdf, jpg, sib, or xml) or by mail so that I can calculate an estimate.

The number of pages will only be known when the final copy is completed. For this reason the estimate is an approximation.

If you decide not to use my services I will send paper scores back to you via mail and computer files will be deleted. I give you my word that your music will not be used for any other reason.


When you order please provide me the following information:

  • an exact description of the work you want done (a conductor’s score and /or individual scores for each instrument)
  • the format you would like (paper size A3 or A4)
  • the page layout (landscape or portrait)
  • type of delivery needed (mail or email)
  • any other useful information I might need in order to best serve you

Please note that if you are located in or near the Toulouse region of France (southwest France) we could meet in person to discuss your project and to exchange music.